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Notes from the Field

The McAfee brand is being phased out by Intel. A couple of years ago, Intel bought McAfee and has been incorporating McAfee into its different products. The McAfee products will be renamed “Intel Security”. Expect to see this change complete by the middle of the year.

Intel Security is going to offer free mobility tools for smartphones and tablets to customers running Android, iOS, and other operating Systems to its customers.

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CrytoLocker Still Rages on the Internet

One of the things that I’ve been following the past several months has been the CrytoLocker Trojan. Known in the security community as WORM_CRILOCK. CrytoLocker is ransom ware which when downloaded and installed on a PC, will immediately begin to encrypt files on the infected PC and continue until it has done so to every file.  Once completed, the user gets a message to contact the Trojan author to purchase the unlock key using BitCoin as the payment medium. There is no known way for security companies to break the encrypted files to get past this problem.



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