I thought I'd kick off this forum by welcoming everyone. The purpose of this forum is to answer any questions you may have about Windows 10. From my reading on Windows 10 since Opening Day, it appears that in excess of 15 million users have downloaded, or tried to download, Windows 10. Whether you were successful or not, check back into the forum from time to time and see if we can answer your most pressing questions. If nothing else, please feel free to add your own tips and traps as we work through the new operating system called Windows 10, the "last Windows" product.


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A tips from Retrospect Software who makes a very good backup product:

"Here are some tips to make sure that your upgrade goes smoothly.

1.  Before upgrading, perform a complete backup of your existing Windows system.

2.  When you perform the backup, make sure the “Selecting” option is set to “All Files”

 3.  Make sure you have Verification turned on prior to backup.

 4.  Check your operations log after the backup for any errors or alerts.

 5.  Consider creating a second backup to a new backup set for offsite storage."

 6. Test your backup and make sure it works. Windows 7 users especially should follow this routine. Windows 8.1 users should consider doing the same even though there is a better recovery system as part of the upgrade process that is part of Windows 10.