Content Preparation Tips

Taking time to prepare your content prior to its actual posting on a site cannot be understated. This is certainly true when it comes to posting content here on CEBUG. Here are some tips that should help anyone on their way to publishing content on the web. Word processing programs were developed, after all, to cater to the needs of a writer. Automated Spelling and Grammar checking tools help reduce embarrassing mistakes later on. Other tools help ensure the suitability of your post in accordance with whatever Posting Guidelines may have been set.

For example, a site may set a limitation for the number of words and/or characters one can use. In most cases it is a simple matter of selecting your written text and then a few key presses to be told what those values would be. In Microsoft’s Word (2010) this is found under the Review tab. In Open Office’s Writer, the same can be found by clicking on Tools, Word Count.  

An in-depth discussion on the preparation of images for the web would take a series of articles. One point to keep in mind is that most sites will have limitations over the size of images depending on how they will be displayed in connection with other content. For example, if the image is supposed to show in a web page along with other text, then it cannot be so large so as to cause distortion of the page. Other restrictions might relate to the amount of space one has to store files on the server.

Programs that can optimize images are quite common, with some type usually included with the sale of every digital camera, printer, and scanner. The tools and results one can accomplish with such software will vary. For those looking for a good quality editor, GIMP is an excellent choice not only because of its diverse tool set but for the fact it is open source (free). Mastering how every tool within GIMP works may seem a daunting task. Its toolset can be enhanced further as it can use any Photoshop plug-in, some of which are free. Start with simple tasks like red-eye removal, re-sizing of images and sharpening, and go from there. There are a number of free tutorials on using GIMP available.

Making use of tools like this will simplify anyone’s wish to post content on the web. Not only will they help reduce mistakes, but they will help keep you out of trouble in whatever rules for posts have been established. Before you know it, you’ll find the job of preparing content for the web no harder than any other task!