IE Bug April/May 2014

I've been following this for several days and was going to put some information together into my blog to help users deal with the IE bug disclosed by Microsoft in the past week or so. This  particular bug is so bad that the Department of Homeland Security has recommended that people stop using IE on ALL Microsoft platforms until a patch has been issued.

One of the problems related to this is the recent end of support for Windows XP. I was a tad suspicious that Microsoft would completely stop all XP support and would allow a bad bug to proliferate despite the fact that over 20 percent of Windows PCs in the world still run XP. The timing of this bug certainly makes one wonder if this was intentional on the part of Microsoft, or just a good tactic by the malware writers.

Fortunately, Microsoft announced today that the patch for IE will be distributed today (should be available now at this writing) and in addition to patching all versons of Windows and it's corresponding IE platforms, it was also patching WINDOWS XP...

That's right; Windows XP

Now this doesn't absolve XP users of the need to take some extreme measures to either stop using it (recommended), or at least stop using the parts of XP which could be easily infected by malware, IE being one of the main culprits.

The fact is that Microsoft went out of it's way to fix this bug forXP users. It didn't have to and don't think for a moment that Microsoft will do so again in the future.

Ask us in CEBUG what we have discussed and suggested on what you can do to remove some of the main attack vectors in Windows XP.