Joining CEBUG

Those interested in joining CEBUG, or existing members, may use this form to contact information for our membership records. These records are not maintained on this site, but in a private database. Our membership records are rarely shared with others, and then only special circumstances approved by the Executive Committee. Please see our Privacy Statement for full details.

Joining CEBUG is not the same as registering on the site. There are a number of benefits associated with becoming a member, not the least of which is full access to all member-only areas. These are the membership types available at this time:

  • Individual – ($20/year) Membership benefits belong to the named person only.
  • Family — ($25/year) Membership benefits belong to the named person, but other family members may participate member-only drawings/offers when present and in member-only areas of the site.

Membership fees become due in October of each year. If someone joins mid-year, the rate they are expected to pay is pro-rated. In order to use this form, one must be logged in.