Sponsorship Overview

Computer Erie Bay Users Group (CEBUG) uses the term Sponsorship in defining the role of businesspersons or firms within the confines of our meetings, website, etc. First, and foremost, must be the understanding that CEBUG exists as an independent organization. While recognition of User Group and Meeting Sponsors is ongoing, CEBUG must never become an overt forum to promote their products and/or services, except on an as-asked-for basis by individual members.


Backgrounds for CEBUG members and visitors vary between ordinary home users to IT professionals and programmers. Although CEBUG lacks any formal special interest groups (SIGs) at present, the recent re-vamp of its website will encourage their formation. All members are using some version of Microsoft Windows operating system, although some also use versions of Linux or UNIX. Active membership in CEBUG (May 2008) is 26, with average meeting attendance of anything from 15 to 50 persons. The number of registered persons on CEBUG’s site (September 2008) is 45, although traffic of visitors to the site has been difficult to judge. (This will change with the recent site move, etc.)

Sponsor Recognition

CEBUG would like to categorize sponsors according to their donations into the following: Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors.  We do not intend to limit to the number of sponsors we have, particularly on the local level. All are welcome to aid in building a strong foundation for a vibrant local community. A company’s sponsorship level is determined annually by the amount of support that has been pledged by the sponsor and approved by the user group board. Sponsorships are renewed on an annual basis, provided the sponsor maintains active support of the user group. Sponsorship criteria are subject to change. Companies may withdraw their sponsorship at any time; however, the return of any funds or goods already donated will be at the sole discretion of the user group board.

Conditions for All Sponsors

1. The company must abide by the Computer Erie Bay User Group Mission and adhere to all the Computer Erie Bay User Group policies governing sponsor behavior (see below).

2. The company must not engage in illegal or unethical behavior.

Benefits of Sponsorship

There are many benefits to sponsoring CEBUG, including:

  • Participation in CEBUG provides exposure to buyers of computer related goods, services; especially those working in the IT world.  
  • Long-term sponsorship of CEBUG creates a strong awareness and loyalty for a company amongst CEBUG members.  
  • Each Sponsor is mentioned on the CEBUG website within our WebLinks section, with links to their own websites. Sponsors are the only entities allowed to advertise on the CEBUG site.
  • The companies are grouped according to their sponsorship level. Gold is weighted to be listed first and appear more frequently within blocks on the site followed by Silver then Bronze. Keep in mind, however, that the function and visibility of this may vary depending on the browser in use by the viewer and its settings.
  • A listing must contain only text, with a limit of 150 words. A link will be used in connection with this listing that will also be used in connection with any other promotional offerings we may do. (Such as banner ads we display on the site.)
  • CEBUG will not provide any metrics to the sponsor in so far as click-thru rates, page views, etc. for any promotional content. We will allow supplemental coding attached to the link designed to integrate with statistical packages running on the sponsor’s server.
  • A banner ad process (468x68 pixels) is in the works that, through JavaScript, will display a rotating display from our site. Banners may not be animated and should not be larger than 100kb in size. JPG, GIF, or PNG formats should be used.

We do not charge fees for sponsorship, though we do accept monetary donations. Any business that donates something of substance (goods, discount offers, etc.) on a frequent basis is considered to be a sponsor. An Application form must be completed and submitted after someone has registered and logged into our site. As to what kind of donations we get, we leave that up to the discretion of the vendor. Donated software, for example, we use as door prizes have always been listed in a special section in the forum on our site too. Others provide us with special 'order codes' members can use when placing orders to get discounts, or review copies of software. The only rule we've had on our end is that the person receiving the donated item MUST be a member in good standing in our organization.

Review Program Overview

Our policy is that reviews should be finished and submitted through our site or to our webmaster 30 days of getting the item.